The cul-de-sac “island” is the best option. If it is not available, please park in the in front of the house within the property line. If there is no parking there, you may park in the driveway.
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Since this is a residential court there is a bathroom that can be used in emergencies. There is also an outdoor privacy shower with hot water for use if you need to attend a function after your beach volleyball training session.

At a minimum, you should bring with you:

-1/2 Gallon of water
-Sunglasses or Hat
-Sandsocks or any kind of socks (the sand gets hot in the summer)
-PLEASE make sure your body is sufficiently fueled (do not come on an empty stomach!)

In addition to all items listed above, you would want to have:

-At least 1 Gallon of water
-A Cooler with enough nutritious snacks and food to last throughout the day
-A means for shade (tent or umbrella)

We are now excited to announce we have an online payment processor. Click here to pay online. We accept cash, check (made out to Jax Beach VB), Venmo, or Paypal.

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