Services Overview

Individual/Private Lesson

These lessons can be tailored to very specific goals, or used to refine skills through repetition.  Individual lessons build the foundation that calls for being technically and fundamentally sound in the movements used during a game.

-If you are a seasoned player, come here and get your repetitions in. With plenty of resources and equipment, at JBVB you will not waste time hitting a few volleyballs only to go chase them down the beach and proceed to hit them again in the opposite direction. We use our time and equipment as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

-If you are mentally strong, but need conditioning, these lessons can be taught in a way to reach physical exertion while still maintaining good form.

-If you are physically strong, but need work on your mental/tactical game, goals can be set to maintain focus throughout the lesson.

Whatever you are looking to accomplish, this is the fastest way to achieve it.

Individual Price – $70 for 1 hour lesson

Semi-Private Lessons

Group lessons can be a great asset if you and a partner are unable to figure out the next step it takes to improve your game.  With more focus on game dynamic rather than individual technique, group lessons/drills, can get much more complex.  Group lessons can be equally as important as working on personal skills. Remember, the key to training is versatility. You can be the best hitter in the world, but if you cannot set your partner, you will not win a game.

2 Participants for $80 – $40 per person

3 Participants for $90 – $30 per person

4 Participants for $100 – $25 per person


Clinics have been developed to build a basic foundation of skills that get reinforced through high repetition. Kent Ammons, along with other local JBVB professionals, will be teaching technique with proper form that will help to maximize the potential of each participant.  Fun and competitive drills will be implemented by the areas most qualified sand coaches. We range from High Schools teams looking for a new perspective of the game to a group of friends of any age whom want to learn more about the game. 

Time and pay for clinics (groups of 5 participants or more) are negotiable.