“As a player Kent was extremely competitive and was very good at making adjustments, probably one of the most important skills in beach volleyball. Coach Kent brings all of those qualities to the court for his juniors and is doing a great job of preparing players to succeed, especially in college! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him should take advantage of his experience and knowledge.”
— Steve Grotowski - 2012 Olympian and FAU Asst Beach Volleyball Coach
“Training with Kent at JBVB has enabled me to play a high level of volleyball. Kent made me the player I am today because he knows the game better than anyone I know.”
— Clay Messenger - u19 Team USA
“Kent’s overall knowledge and ability to breakdown and simplify beach volleyball technique and strategy brought me much success in my college career. Not only does he have a high volleyball IQ, but a contagious positive energy while coaching and playing the game.”
— Cameron McGuire, D1 UNF Beach Team
“Kent Ammons has been the most instrumental factor in improving my volleyball game.”
— Blake P
“Kent Ammons is the man who showed me this great sport of beach volleyball. He let me follow in his footsteps and showed me the ropes for years. He has always been a great coach, a great teammate, and even more important, a great friend every step of the way. Jacksonville Beach is super lucky to have him here growing the sport we love.”
— Kibbee J
“The enthusiasm and energy that Kent puts into his coaching is unmatched. If, as a player, you put in half as much, you are guaranteed success.”
— Lindsay A
“Kent has been both patient and encouraging... I would highly recommend Jax Beach Volleyball for anyone that either wants to learn the game or perfect certain skills.”
— Neely H
“Kent is the best beach coach I have ever played for; he brings out the best in everyone. I have been working him for years and he has made me such a better player and person.”
— Adam W - u19 Team USA
“Kent’s knowledge of the game and intensity level while competing is inspiring to players of all ages, including myself. The first time I watched Kent play was in an Open Final at a 2013 Cocoa Beach Sandbox tournament–he wasn’t the biggest guy on the court, but he certainly played with the biggest heart. Since then, being around Kent on and off the court has had a positive influence on my life and development of the game; his expertise and passion for the game are seriously contagious!”
— Tanner G - D1 UNF Beach Team
“Kent continually stresses: sound and consistent playing abilities, skills that make best use of my athletic & talent level, how to improve the performance of my partner in stressful situations, and maximizing my physical fitness.”
— Dave B
“From the beginning Kent was recommended as the best sand coach in Jacksonville. What we have experienced for the past two years with his training was above and beyond what we expected. His passion and commitment for the game is conveyed in every lesson. His positive coaching style and extra tips on how to prepare for a tournament is greatly appreciated. He has taught Adam how to compete at the highest level while giving 110% to each training session! With his help, Adam and Clay came in 2nd place Gold at the USAV National High Performance Sand Championship in California!”
— Mike and Renee Wiencowski
“Kent is a great motivator that pushes me to improve my game but in a fun way. He has helped me to improve my form and technique and taught me how to better communicate with my partner. All of that has helped me to become a better indoor player as well. I can tell he is passionate about beach volleyball and that helps make me passionate about it too!”
— Mogan B
“My younger brother and I started playing beach volleyball about three years ago. We fell in love with the sport and we were both committed to getting better. Of course, as the older, stronger,and better looking brother I was a little bit better at volleyball than Blake in the beginning. Then, something terrible happened about a year ago -Blake started taking lessons with Kent Ammons. Blake’s skills and confidence on the court quickly grew past mine. He is now undoubtedly a better volleyball player than I, and I am struggling to catch up. It’s obvious that I need to make time for some lessons with Kent.”
— Seth P